USA Made Organic Clothing

Royal Apparel manufactures top of the line USA made organic clothing for men, women, kids, and infants. We take great pride in keeping everything from growing the organic cotton to the distribution of the clothing right here in the USA.  Our USA made organic clothing is manufactured without the use of herbicides, pesticides and insecticides which can harm the environment, wild life and us humans.

We are committed to following all fair labor standards and practices so you can feel more comfortable wearing our apparel and we never out-source anything. We even get our organic cotton from local farmers and manufacture our apparel without the use of sweat shops or unethical labor practices.

Since USA made organic clothing is all we do, we take extra steps to preserve, recycle and reduce everything when possible. The Royal Apparel facility even recycles rain water and the organic cotton and bamboo that is grown uses much less water as compared to conventional methods.

If you check out our USA made apparel page, you’ll find a long list of USA made organic clothing for men, women, toddlers, youth and infants.  Whatever type of clothing you’re looking for, Royal Apparel is sure to have it: tanks, hoodies, pants, scarfs, beanies, short sleeves, long sleeve shirts and different styles of each of those.

If supporting your local economy is important to you, purchase USA made organic clothing from Royal Apparel.