Organic Yoga Pants


Perfect for layering under a skirt or dress, our organic yoga pants are great for any occasion. You will love how comfortable these organic yoga pants are and they will quickly become your go-to yoga pants to wear. Whether you’re getting ready to run some errands or run your favorite trail, these yoga pants won’t hold your back.

Our organic yoga pants are high quality and great feeling with a blend of 92% cotton and 8% spandex. These organic yoga pants also have minimal shrinkage so you don’t have to worry when you throw them in the clothes dryer.

Our organic yoga pants are also American made so you can be rest assured they are manufactured with quality while following safe labor practices. Our organic yoga pants are made right here in the USA and never out-sourced to foreign countries and we receive our organic cotton from local farmers and manufacture it without the use of sweat shops or unethical labor practices seen elsewhere in the world.

We offer four colors of our organic spandex yoga pants- black, navy, white and asphalt and they’re always available in many sizes.

At Royal Apparel, our excellent customer service and products makes us a leading provider of quality organic yoga pants. We want to be your go-to company for organic yoga pants and have been a proud domestic clothing manufacturer since 1992. Try out our line of organic yoga pants today and take pride in this country by preserving it whenever possible.

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