Organic Dresses

Are you looking for eco-friendly, sustainable, organic dresses? Not many places have them, but we have just what you’re looking for at Royal Apparel! Style, comfort and sustainability are all included in our organic dress line that is perfect for summer and even works great for layering in the winter.

We offer two different styles of organic dresses, each with their own characteristics. One of which is our 2X1 rib tank dress made with 100% organic cotton that is produces right here in the USA. This is a newer style and we currently have eight different color combinations available that will fit whatever the occasion may be for dressing up.

Our other organic dress offered at Royal Apparel is our bamboo organic tee dress made with 100% organic cotton and of course, bamboo. Bamboo is one of the fastest renewable resources making it exceptionally sustainable. During the manufacturing process of bamboo, much letter water is needed for the bamboo to grow as opposed to conventionally grown cotton. It’s a very eco-friendly fabric and combined with our organic cotton is very soft and very durable. This organic dress has so many uses; it’s perfect for a night out, used as a summer dress or beach dress, and works great for layering in the winter.  Another benefit of this bamboo organic dress is that it’s light, breathable and cool, anti-microbial and biodegradable!

Our organic dress line is completely manufactured right here in the USA from start to finish. We do not use any herbicides, pesticides or any harmful chemical laden dyes in our dresses or in any of our product lines. Our dresses are fashion forward and safe to wear. So for whatever the occasion may be for you to look your best in a dress, order yours today!