Organic Viscose Bamboo Clothing


If you have never worn organic viscose bamboo clothing what are you waiting for? Viscose Bamboo clothing is naturally anti-static, and has anti-bacterial properties to help reduce odor and perspiration. Some of the softest fibers available come from organic viscose bamboo clothing and it absorbs moisture very well.  The fibers of viscose bamboo clothing are also the most durable fibers on earth so you’ll have an ease of mind knowing that the shirt you’re wearing will last a while.

Our Organic Viscose Bamboo Clothing is always made in the USA.  This is especially important because viscose bamboo can be harvested over and over without any damage to the soil of our native land.  Harvesting viscose bamboo also decreases greenhouse gases because it produces a lot of oxygen and easily processes large quantities of carbon dioxide, helping out the air and environment that we live in.

Viscose Bamboo clothing has come a long way since the days of the Japanese and Chinese weaving the strips together to make hats and shoes. Technological advancements have allowed for new uses of this textile and today you can find nearly any type of clothing made from viscose bamboo.

At Royal Apparel, we strive to provide the best organic viscose bamboo clothing for both men and women. Check out our styles today and see for yourself how comfortable it feels to help the environment.

Here is more information regarding viscose bamboo and organic viscose bamboo fabric

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