Organic Baby Tank Tops – Eco-Friendly and Soft To Touch


Organic baby clothing made from 100% organic cotton is one of Royal Apparel’s most popular product lines. By choosing to shop for organic fabrics like those used in our organic baby tank tops, you are not only protecting your child’s sensitive skin, but you’re also minimizing their exposure to harsh chemicals and toxins in the process. Royal Apparel organic baby clothes give mother’s and father’s a sense of confidence in safeguarding their children from unnecessary harm.

Organic baby tank tops are the current consumer craze at Royal Apparel. Their breathable organic cotton fabric and layering ability make them the perfect go to item for both warm and cold climate.

Organic baby tank tops, Organic Infant 2x1 Rib Tank, are now available in 3 monochromatic colors: natural, salt, and night. Each neutral shade is designed for an all-purpose look, matching nearly every other item your child currently wears.

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While organic cotton currently costs more, you cannot put a price on the protection of your baby’s health and the environment in which they are surrounded by. Royal Apparel believes in organic quality control and environmental sustainability, which is why we choose to incorporate the highest quality organic materials into our baby tank tops and other baby clothing.