Organic Baby Clothes

As a parent you do everything possible to protect your little one; protecting them from eating small toys, from touching the wall outlets, and many, many other things. But what about protecting them from their clothes? Their clothes are in constant contact with their skin so it’s also really important to protect them from harmful chemical and dyes that could irritate their skin. With organic baby clothes through Royal Apparel, that would be one less thing to worry about for your little one.

Conventional cotton farming amounts to 10% of the world’s pesticides and 25% of the world’s insecticides! These are chemicals that any parent would want to prevent from being anywhere near their child, much less on their skin all the time. Our line of organic baby clothes will put you at ease as the manufacturing of our organic baby clothes from start to finish has your infant’s safety in mind. We even use non-harmful dyes for the coloring of our organic baby clothes which doesn’t include the harmful toxins that are in most dyes.

Many baby and infant clothes are manufactured with many other elements and chemicals that we do not use such as: color fastness treatments, flame-retardants, wrinkle-resisters, stain repellants and more. Our line of organic baby clothes has a lot of these properties already without the use of chemicals to make them that way.

Our line of organic baby clothes includes short sleeves, long sleeves, bottoms & accessories, and tank tops. We offer a wide range of colors and styles of each type of organic baby clothes. Your infant will love the feel of the super soft organic cotton and you will to each time you hold your little one. We even manufactured our organic baby clothes with you, the hectic-lifestyle parent in mind. Many of our organic baby clothes comes with an easy 3 snap closure so you can dress the little one quickly to prevent any fussiness.