Made in USA Clothes

If supporting your local economy is important to you, purchase Made in USA clothes from Royal Apparel. We are committed to following all fair labor standards and practices so you can feel more comfortable wearing our apparel. All of our clothing is made right here in the United States and never out-sourced. We get our organic cotton from local farmers and manufacture our apparel without the use of sweat shops or unethical labor practices.

We strive to provide the best made in USA clothes that is both fashionable and comfortable. We offer a variety of styles, colors and fabrications for the whole family. We manufacture 100% organic cotton, hemp, bamboo and even RPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate), all of which were grown or recycled right here in the US. 

Since we manufacture everything right here in the United States, the way the clothing is produced is extremely important to us in order to preserve the environment and great country we live in. All of our made in USA clothes are made from 100% all natural fibers and dyes and always produced without the use of harmful insecticides or pesticides which can damage wild life and is unsafe for humans. All of our products also require much less water than conventional methods and our facility as a whole even recycles the water we use. 

At Royal Apparel, our excellent customer service and products makes us one the country’s leading providers of quality made in USA clothes. We want to be your go-to company for American made clothing and we are a proud domestic clothing manufacturer since 1992. Try out our line of Made in USA clothes today and take pride in this country by preserving it whenever possible


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