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Viscose Hemp is one of the oldest cultivated crops, dating back archaeologically to 5000 BC in China. The Chinese ended up using viscose hemp to make clothing, shoes, ropes, paper and today, it has even more uses! Speaking of paper, viscose hemp can be harvested to make paper within 120 days after being planted where trees can take up to 30 years!  And trees require over 220 million pounds of toxic pollution to produce paper, whereas viscose hemp paper just requires hydrogen peroxide which is much more environmentally friendly. So why are we still cutting forests down?

Today, viscose hemp is still used for clothing (obviously), as well as having other uses. Not to get too technical but it’s used in the construction of housing where it creates a chemical bond with the soil similar to that of cement. In the UK, you can find viscose hemp at the grocery store where it's seen as illegal almost everywhere else. Hempseeds are an ideal nutritional ratio for us humans.

Did you know that Henry Ford once made a body of a car that was lighter than steel and could handle 10 times more of an impact without denting? Well, he made the body of that car out of viscose hemp! It's is an exceptionally strong, durable, eco-friendly fiber. It is grown organically and doesn’t require insecticides or pesticides. This fabric has the feel of flannel and typically softens with age. Our Viscose Hemp Apparel line includes 60% Viscose Hemp and 40% Organic Cotton for a silky soft feel. And no, you will not fail a drug test from wearing Viscose Hemp clothing.

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