Fundraising with Made in the USA or Organic Apparel - it never felt so good!

If your group serves your local community, is supporting the troops/military families, or other great causes we want to help. 

Made in the USA Apparel: T-shirts, clothing and apparel.

On an individual basis we will work with your organization to provide:

  • Discounted apparel for your membership
  • Fundraising Promotional Codes
  • Embellished apparel printed for events/donations

Please email with the name of your organization, website, phone number and email.

Made in USA Apparel: View our USA Made Apparel

Our apparel is made in America and offers a great fundraising opportunity for those groups supporting patriotic causes, military families, and Pro-America initiatives.

Organic Apparel: View our Organic Apparel

For organizations doing work to keep our environment healthy and supporting earth friendly causes, our organic apparel provides your

 membership a way to give back to the cause and wear what they preach.

With the American economy still in a slump it is important to do what we can to turn it around.  Buying American produced goods.

Royal Apparel is dedicated not only to making quality clothing, but providing a fair and safe working environment for our employees. We have been sweatshop free since we opened our doors in 1992 and with our Made in the USA line we are keeping business local and supporting the American economy. As one of the few domestic producers of apparel left, we’ve committed ourselves to supporting the local economy with ou

When you purchase American made clothing from Royal Apparel, you can feel good knowing that you are getting high quality garments, supporting the local economy, and promoting fair labor practicesr Made in the USA products. is a great way to start.  We are proud that we are hiring and expanding in this tough economy and we owe it to those that recognize the quality of American Made.

Whatever your apparel need, why not support the local economy and keep business at home with USA made apparel from Royal Apparel.