Fashion Fleece Hoodies - Made in the USA

fashion fleece hoodies

Quality fabrication, fabrics and popular cuts keep fashion fleece hoodies as one of our top sellers.

Fashion Fleece Hoodies – Dark horse in the Hoody of the Year Competition

Women's Fashion Fleece Neon Raglan Pullover – sans hood this sweatshirt is striking in whatever color you choose.

Fashion Fleece Jogger – fashion that keeps you comfy on the couch or styling on street.

Other Fleece collections you should meet:

  • Eco-triblend fleece
  • Organic Cotton Fleece Fashion Camo Pullover Hoody
  • Recycled Polyester Fleece
  • Organic Cotton/RPET Blend Fleece
  • Raglan Fleece
  • Camo Fleece

USA Made Fashion Fleece Apparel

Supporting the American workforce while getting consistent sizing, sweatshop free construction and Eco-friendly options you can put your trust behind. 

What is Fashion Fleece?

Imagine super soft fleece and “fill in your favorite super model here” were to finally settle down and have kids. Fashion fleece is stylish with a soft hand that keeps your skin feeling great. A trendy premium fabric styled in the most fashionable cuts.

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