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Essential Tank Tops – Royal Apparel Essentials

Every woman has their set of essential tank tops that they wear religiously because of how well they fit, and their ability to go with almost any outfit. Royal Apparel women’s essential tank tops are made with lightweight organic materials in a variety of basic shades and have a contemporary fit, hugging the bodes comfortably. An assortment of styles, fabrics, and colors are available for selection, allowing you to choose the tank top that best fits your essential needs. While there are other brands that stock essential top assortments, all Royal Apparel essential clothing is made with the softest most environmentally friendly low-impact fiber blends, allowing you to look good, feel comfortable, and protect the earth all at the same time.

Essential Tank Tops Available Include:

-          Rib Tunic Tank Top

-          Raw Edge Tank Top

         Triblend Tank Top

-          Spandex Racer Tank Top

         Jersey Tank Top

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Most Popular Colors of Essential Tanks:

-          Eclipse

-          Cloudburst

-          Midnight

-          Frost

Eco-Friendly Made in the USA Essential Tops

Whether you plan to use them for layering, for lounge wear, or as a basic style guide for warm weather, these trendy sleeveless tanks make for a great addition to your closet essentials. Must-have essential tank tops at Royal Apparel are made in the USA, and are produced in eco-friendly manufacturing facilities, contributing environmental sustainability in America.

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