American Made Thermals

Royal Apparel manufactures the best American Made thermals for men, women, kids and infants. Our long sleeve thermals are perfect for a casual look that provides a comfort and style. We make our long sleeve thermals with a 50/50 blend of organic cotton and polyester.  The organic cotton is hand-picked and produced using only natural processes and grown without the use of herbicides and pesticides which can cause harm to the earth, humans and wildlife.

We strongly believe in keeping jobs right here in the USA, and our American made thermals are no different than any other clothing line we produce. Everything from start to finish with the manufacturing of these thermals is made in the USA. By wearing these American Made thermals you’ll be supporting this great country and have a sense of pride as you dress in our thermals.

Thermals are becoming more and more popular due to how comfortable they are so we extended our thermal line to providing American made thermals to kids and infants now. This was due to popular demand and as a parent, you can be rest assured that your child will be wearing clothing without any harmful dyes and everything about our American made thermals are organic, eco-friendly and sustainable.

Once fall rolls around these thermals are absolutely perfect to keep you warm while providing comfort and style. Try our American Made thermals today and see for yourself why we can’t stop bragging about them!